I like: grandma’s cooking, Wuxi peaches, lemons, old mugs, Haruki Murakami, soup, pasta, fresh bread, butter, pinot noir, The Glenlivet, good cocoa, roses, tulips, prosecco, Isabelle Huppert, Meryl Streep, postcards, slow walk, eggs, too-cold Coke, Mexican vanilla, cinema, green More cigarettes, colors, watches, rings, scorched caramel, well-equipped kitchen, Kikkoman soy sauce, Muji 0.5mm ink pens, desserts, coarse salt, Marguerite Duras’s proses, Chet Baker, Milky Chance, John Coltrane, The NEST in Shanghai, black coffee, cold milk, Manet and Monet, Park Chan-wook, Ninomiya Kazunari, Sartre, stage plays, Foucault, MFK Fisher, Virginia Woolf, perfume, gimlet, gin tonic, running late for a train, jeans, steamy Mei-Yu season in Jiangnan, summer storm in Shanghai, cats, assam tea, etc.

I don’t like: Pomeranians, Chihuahuas, Merlot, Rosé, men and women loaded with luxury brands, pens that won’t write, tomato sauce, abstinence, badmouthing, Strict Rationalism, insects, tautologies, afternoons, Feminism-ism, video calling, phoning, clubbing, evening with people I don’t know, lies, fake hospitality, fidelity, etc.


Photo courtesy of BrainPickings.org