Website Revision/Update and Blog Reflection 2

Since last revision till now…

I customized with a free “canape” theme. This current theme works effectively, since I have always wanted a clean, soft, portfolio look as I wrote in my first website reflection blog.

My old menu bar is relocated and hidden from the page, so I went to Personalize–Menus–Menus to manually place it in the Primary Menu area, where the header is. I moved the Monday Blogs button beneath Miscellaneous Essays category, too, since it seems redundant to have separate categories while both categories are blog posts for this class. As I already have 18 posts below 5 child categories of Miscellaneous Essays, I made each child category open link in a new tab, so that the reader can open several essays to read later. I also place a search widget along the side.

I put in the footer area an Archive widget counting posts in each month for easier navigation in a timeline order. I put my Instagram account, the only social media platform that I frequently update, in the footer area. Because of my compulsive obsessiveness I have to make the images displayed in 3×3 so that the footer area looks best. I’m a free user so I have to have WordPress logo as the mandatory footer. I picked the hardly noticeable tiny WP logo as the mandatory footer credit. The footer looks at its best for now.

屏幕快照 2017-04-12 4.15.04 AM.png

As for the header, the logo image “L” is my handwritten initial (well both initials). I sketched the letter as I would sign a check, and cut out the letter on photoshop. The site icon shown on the corner of this tab is the mesmerizing Nastassja Kinski in Paris, Texas. I did use the image for my third media event blog–so it is relative to the context of this website, but the contrasting color tonality of the image is also strikingly effective when displayed in a mini square.

I picked a pastel, cotton paper color for the overall background. This color is easy on the eye. The font for headings is an interesting typewriter font, Anonymous Pro. I have a soft spot for typewriter fonts. But if I use Anonymous Pro as the base font, it would be hard to read long texts. So I chose Arimo as base font. The vintage fonts pair quite well with soft colors to make my site neat, personal and slightly feminine.

As I was writing this post, I received two emails separately informing me of pingbacks on my Media Event blog and Website Reflection blog. That is because I used a restaurant theme that automatically set my account as sensitive to comments, feedbacks and pingbacks. And I closed the email notification in setting.

屏幕快照 2017-04-12 4.07.45 AM
Default setting for restaurant owners.
屏幕快照 2017-04-12 4.11.27 AM.png
Closing notifications.

Compared to my previous theme I like this version much better for its vintage, cream color palette and a more polished look. I also took Professor Allison’s suggestion to remove Everything category from menu, since the home page already displays everything in most recent to most backdated order. I like that feature images are now shown on Home page along with excerpts, yet images appear in jarring sizes. I will have to go back to old posts with feature images to adjust the picture size later. As I said in the first reflection, I want a minimalist, academic site with a personal touch, and I want it visually navigated as if the reader is entering the official page of a cake business. With my current adjustments I think I have achieved my term goal.

The old.
屏幕快照 2017-04-12 4.27.26 AM.png
The new.