Proposal for the Final Creative Project

I like fashion, and I like to follow celebrities on Instagram; but it is more than usual that I find the famous women screaming for recognition of their fashion tastes, or purely their audacity, rather than naturally emanating their female charm.

For my final creative project, I decide to do a series of black-and-white illustrations under the theme “Celebrities Step Out.” Celebrities pretend they are effortless yet apparently everyone suffers from a degree of self-seriousness. At the heart of this peacock show on social media platforms such as Instagram is the desire to be seen. I plan to do a series of sketches mirroring a collection of celebrity selfies (or selfies taken by someone else) I selected from Instagram, paired with satirical words of “pro tips for fashionable looks,” with the idea of mocking the self-serious attitude and the practicing of overly tagging themselves with powerful ideological labels.As Paul Fussell wisely suggested in Class: A Guide Through the American Status System, the uppers never care much about what others think of them; it is the great American middle class that occupy themselves with the gaze of the other. And as McLuhan put it, we have extended our consciousnesses into the technological media spaces, and the formative power of the media takes on a life itself. To my reading, the social media darlings use their public personas on these digital platforms to re-invent and reinforce certain identities defining what is social, sexy, chic and “lifestyle.” Kim Kardashian posted a nude selfie on Instagram on March 7, 2016, which initiated a fierce split between two sides of opinions in the comment section below. Celebrities including P!nk criticized Kardashian for soliciting attention with her “tits and asses” instead of the intellect, the strength, the work ethic of women, or the “magic” women were born with. Chloe Moretz tweeted back P!nk, endorsing her statement by saying “smart, strong statement. My sentiments exactly,” while Amber Rose vocally supported the Kardashian family and impugned P!nk for “slut-shaming” Kardashian. Ordinary users divided between teaming up with either P!nk or Amber Rose. In my opinion, Rose’s indictment of P!nk exploits the vaguely defined term “slut-shaming” and misinterprets feminism. Feminist labels have been spammed, indeed, all over the digital media and fashion brands also rely on persuasive feminist-esque slogans to sell products. These are my loosely constructed thoughts for my final project. I have sketched some examples for my final project as shown below.

Kim SO
Kim Steps Out
Selena SO.jpg
Selena Steps Out