Website Revision/Update and Blog Reflection 1

I created the website specifically for the use of the class, thus the subtitle “Media and Culture.” I uploaded a screenshot from film Room in Rome with the theme customizer to replace the default header image. I also uploaded a screenshot of Xavier Dolan’s film I Killed My Mother as the site icon. Iconoclastic as the title sounds, Dolan’s film is a nod to the digital aesthetics of the MTV generation.

I chose this picture as the site icon not only because it has the clean, dewy, Impressionistic look that I always adore, but also because Dolan belongs to the MTV generation of the ’90s, the decade when digital music videos prospered to become a genre that interacts with cinema. Even though Dolan is non-American, the global generation of Dolan share in common something that can be attributed to the digital media boom. Dolan’s movies have a distinctive aesthetics resembling that is usually presented in music videos.

My site icon.

I replenished the website with a menu bar displaying a few categories and sub-categories where I would compile my posts. I re-labeled the two Monday blogs and the first digital essay I posted with the categories I created. I created “Home” page and “About” page, and created two categories “Monday Blogs,” and “Miscellaneous Essays”(with sub-category”Digital Essays,” “Website Reflection,” and “Media Events” within “Miscellaneous Essays”).

My About page is styled after a passage in Roland Barthes by Roland Barthes. Everyone’s experience with the digital media is filtered through an array of personal preferences. The fragmented discourse of “I like” and “I dislike” represents the very essence of a person’s digital life, which is a pastiche of what we piece together as we dredge through the colossal explosion of information.

I added an “Everything” page, where I intend to list all previous posts by titles in chronological order, from oldest to newest. That is the goal for the second website update.

屏幕快照 2017-02-13 10.41.35 AM.png
The menu bar.

I inserted “Read More” tags into my previous posts to make the front page a concise listing of excerpts, and if the reader can choose to click “continue reading” if he/she is interested the hidden content. For the second half of the semester, I intend to do more about the general graphic design of my website.

屏幕快照 2017-02-13 10.45.08 AM.png
Excerpts of previous posts as displayed on the front page.

My ultimate goal is to make this blog a minimalist, professional site with a personal touch. I want to make the site visually straightforward to that any reader will feel quite navigated as if entering the official page of a cake business.


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